MEET: L.A. Dochev

words Emily Georgieva
 art L.A. Dochev

With 55.2k Instagram followers, L. A. Dochev is a young artist, whose unique style attracts international attention towards his work. He is influential, talented and the future seems to be bright for the artist. In a short interview, he shared his experience, talked about his work and described why believing in himself made him come so far in his professional development.

I want to say to everybody that no matter who you are, where you’re coming from or how old you are, you should never stop dreaming and should never give your dreams up. Anything is possible if you are patient, if you believe and work hard towards what you want to achieve!
— L.A. Dochev
Without ever taking any drawing, nor art classes, he became incredibly good at what he’s doing. In his words, this wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support from his family and friends. Dochev, 21, started drawing from a very young age. His first attempts were influenced by Disney books and movies. He loved copying the characters so he could see how they would look like on paper. He used to dream of working for the company and create characters of his own.
art    L.A. Dochev

art L.A. Dochev


The Female figure has a major role in his art. Dochev, like most boys he says, is attracted to women’s beauty and appreciates their grace. Expressing this in his art has always been something he liked focusing on. As fashion and design are his biggest passion, they are as well reflected in his art. Drawing women, who inspire him is a way for him to stick to his unique style.

Some of the biggest obstacles he has come across since he started making art were people’s comments on the social platforms. Back in the days when he was 15 years old and first started uploading his work online, what people had to say influenced him. He used to pay close attention to all of the comments, especially the negative ones. Time and experience taught him that what is more important is to focus on the people who appreciate what he was doing and this really helped him improve professionally.

Depending on the project he’s working on, each piece requires different amounts of time to be created. Some of them take him days to perfect, others he can do in two or three hours. Keeping his phone away helps Dochev concentrate whenever working on bigger projects which need to be done faster.

art     L.A. Dochev

art L.A. Dochev

Many of his drawings are of celebrities, but the artist describes his work as different than the way people are used to seeing it. Drawing authentic people and landscapes made him pay so much more attention to details in general, which changed his working process completely. The way he draws now is the way he sees things from his own perspective, even when it comes to illustrating popular images that people are used to seeing regularly.

Using over 200 different shades of colours in pencils and 100 markers, he likes to change his technique and mix things up depending on his mood. In the future, L.A. Dochev sees himself working on projects with celebrities and influential people, which he believes will help him grow and develop his career. He keeps receiving attention from people through social media and feels blessed to be able to work on projects with people and brands located in different places all over the world. Social media and the way he promotes himself there have helped him expose his work for many to see while attracting Rihanna and Ariana Grande as some of his Instagram followers.

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