MEET: Nathan Mcguire

words Svetlomir Tsvetanov
photography Jasper Kitschke

Before we dive into the deep waters, I would like you to introduce yourself to our readers? Is there a difference between Nathan in Australia and the one that is going to Europe?

Hi, Stark! I'm Nathan, from Perth in Western Australia but now I live in Melbourne. I'm an Indigenous Australian man, my people are the Whadjuk Noongar people and my heritage is something I take a lot of pride in. I own a cafe called The Trentham Collective with my partner and his mother, its a family affair. Upon my return from Europe, I launch Collect interiors and decorative arts store, plus I am a model with Vivien's Model Management. 

photography   Jasper Kitschke

photography Jasper Kitschke

photography   Jasper Kitschke

photography Jasper Kitschke


The Nathan in Australia is always thinking about what he can do to enhance his world, I think I am taking that into my European venture. What I do in Australia is always challenging and fun. I think this trip to Europe & London is the next challenge.

How did you get into modelling and why? Did someone influence your decision/gave you the idea or did you develop this talent?

My eldest sister Shannon was a model. She was actually the first Indigenous Australian model in Australia. She is a major inspiration to me now that I am modelling. When the opportunity for me to start modelling came about I was very casual about it then it turned into something I do every week! I hope to be a face and voice for young Aboriginal people in Australia plus inspiring internationally. 

We at Stark have been following your growth as a model and entrepreneur and quite frankly it is just all impressive. You have already worked for brands like Nike, but at the same time run your own restaurant The Trentham Collective, while preparing to open a homewares store. How do you manage all of this? Is there anything in common between modelling and entrepreneurship?

I manage somehow! These things keep me very busy, but I like being busy. I have never considered myself an entrepreneur but it seems to be a reoccurring noun for me. Modelling has been a great platform for me to be a face and a voice for issues and projects I am passionate about, I think this ties into how I run my businesses, these are projects I am passionate about and work really hard at. For me, pushing your own boundaries about what you think you can achieve in any field to succeed and setting a high benchmark for yourself is how I like to move forward. 

So, let’s go back and make a little timeline. How did it all start Business speaking? I mean you are developing three careers in such different industries, are there any concerns about any of this?

I joined my partner's cafe, The Trentham Collective back when we opened it's doors in 2014, since then I have taken on the role of the cafe's social media presence, interior design and development of the business along with my partner. It has been a major success and we keep growing year by year. The success of the business has given me the opportunity to open my own business within the cafe. I am opening a homewares and decorative arts store called, Collect. The basis is all Australian designers and wares along with online store and magazine component. Modelling is the creative part that I get to go out of my own little bubble and work with teams. I don't feel any concerns, I do get overwhelmed sometimes but I maintain life balance as much as I can. I enjoy what I do and it keeps life interesting. 

We talked about your multiple talents and busy schedule, but we did not speak about your personal life. What do you do in your spare time, when you have some? Does Nathan McGuire have a moment to rest or is there a secret to this constantly buzzing life?

I used to play elite field hockey in my hometown of Perth in Western Australia. I played in the Australian Hockey League and was in the Australian Men's Hockey team as a development player. Sport is a huge part of my life, these days I play Premier League in Victoria. This is the highest level in Victoria and is super competitive so I get to play high-level hockey but with the major social component. I've played hockey since I was 6 years old and it's in my blood. 

photography   Jasper Kitschke

photography Jasper Kitschke

photography   Jasper Kitschke

photography Jasper Kitschke


If modelling wasn’t there, what else would you have chosen to do? Anything that you feel like or want to do more and why?

I love working with the Aboriginal community and creating opportunities to have more awareness around issues and events that are important to Aboriginal people in Australia. For example, in Trentham where our cafe is, there was no visibility or acknowledgement to the traditional owners of Country, the Dja Dja Wurrung people. I worked with my friend, international artist, Adnate to create a mural to bring the presence of the Dja Dja Wurrung culture to a town that only celebrates its European heritage. Indigenous visibility in Australia is so important for the country and the world to take notice of and I hope I can do this with my modelling as well. 

Looking at the beautiful set of photographs you have produced with Jasper Kitschke behind the camera, we must ask what it is like to work with new photographers and your partner Rhys Ripper as the Creative Director? Does this help with the atmosphere on set or that isn’t a factor at all? How did the entire shooting go?

Jasper is a friend of mine and we have been wanting to shoot together for a long time, I love what he does, he's a natural talent. What we have created with Rhys and my friend Jade Leung (Stylist) is a new, more realised Nathan as a model. Working with my friends is super easy, it was like hanging out for the day and talking. We went and had coffee before the shoot and then went to lunch after. I always love connecting to creatives and bringing shoots to life in a fun and inspiring environment.

Summer is almost here and I am sure like anybody else, you got some plans too. Would you share some of them with us - both personal and professional?

I'll be experiencing my first European summer! I'm escaping the cold in Australia and heading to Paris first, then London, Milan, and exploring Italy. This trip is a little bit of personal and professional venture as I will be modelling in Europe & London as well. I'm looking forward to what Europe has to offer and hopefully extend my career overseas. 

The season also brings a lot of positive and sunny vibes, inspiration and room for memories. Tell me what inspires you to keep exploring new things? Are there any key figures that contribute to your success in the crafts you do?

You have to be loving what you are doing. I am lucky I'm doing something that inspires me constantly. The challenges happen sometimes but the rewards always outweigh that. 

We have heard through the grapevine that there would be a little trip to Europe, is this true? If so, what are your expectations from Europe and is there a bucket list? Or, would you use that time to do some work and establish your profile more on the continent?

Europe is so exciting for me as it is my first time. I want to experience my surroundings as if I lived in the city I am visiting. I have no idea of what to expect but from what I hear I will love it. My bucket list consists of me waking up late, walking to get coffee and breakfast then seeing where the day takes me unless I have a photo shoot to get to! 

What is your opinion on working with upcoming photographers? Have you had the opportunity to work with image makers from all levels?

I've worked with some of Australia's best photographers. They always give great feedback and push me to work harder on set and I can really learn a lot from them. As for working with upcoming photographers, if the natural talent is there and the aesthetic of their work aligns with what I want to do then I would hope to work with them. New photographers need better models to advance their career, it is all about striving for quality. If I can help improve a great, new photographer with amazing images then I have done my job. I feel working together to advance is so important. 

Do you want to find out more about Nathan? This is his Instagram @Nathan.Mcguire and this is his Business' website. Nathan is represented by Vivien's Models and his profile can be seen here.

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